Aluminium Welding

SLAM Welding specialises in aluminium welding and fabrication. We are skilled at TIG welding and MIG welding, and the repair, maintenance and construction of aluminium components and structures, including aluminium tanks and framework.


Aluminium welding requires precision, skill and experience, and we have demonstrated these qualities consistently in our work across a variety of industries and sectors throughout Adelaide and South Australia.


We also undertake aluminium fabrication work, and are happy to work from your specifications or to design and manufacture bespoke aluminium components to meet your specific needs.


Aluminium welding work can be completed on site, or in our workshop.


As part of our commitment to our clients, we can arrange for repair and maintenance work to be carried out outside of regular business hours to minimise the disruption to your operations.


We are also happy to provide an emergency repair service when urgent work needs to be done without delay.


SLAM Welding undertakes aluminium welding and fabrication projects in a variety of industries, such as:


  • Transport (including petrol and oil tanks)
  • Marine structures (both on and offshore)
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Manufacturing